IgorWare News Archive 2012

IgorWare Hasher 1.5.0

November 26, 2012
IgorWare Hasher

New features in IgorWare Hasher 1.5.0 are update checker and new option to include file path on copy command.


IgorWare Hasher 1.5.0 Changes | Download IgorWare Hasher

File Joiner 2.1.0

August 21, 2012
File Joiner

Latest translation added to File Joiner (2.1.0) is Spanish translation by Darío Herenú. Thanks Dario for this translation, Spanish is among more popular languages so I'm sure it will be used by a lot of users.

One more change in this release is improved...

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File Joiner 2.0.9

August 16, 2012
File Joiner

File Joiner 2.0.9 change: fixed crash when you click on “Remove” button while the file list is empty.

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64bit Checker Released 64bit Checker 1.2. Updated Windows 8 Server operating system name to Windows Server 2012. Added ability to detect more Microsoft operating systems.

Download 64bit Checker 1.2

File Joiner 2.0.8

August 07, 2012
File Joiner

File Joiner 2.0.8 change: translated to Simplified Chinese language.

File Joiner 2.0.8 Changes | Download File Joiner


NoFollow 2.3.0 is now available for Safari. Extension behavior is almost identical to the NoFollow extension for Opera.

NoFollow Download

File Joiner 2.0.7

March 16, 2012
File Joiner

File Joiner 2.0.7 change: from now on I will not use exe compression due to Avast triggering a false positive.

File Joiner 2.0.7 Changes | Download File Joiner

File Joiner

File Joiner 2.0.6 - Arabic translation (by Majed Alotaibi)

File Joiner 2.0.6 Changes | Download File Joiner

File Joiner

File Joiner 2.0.5 - added translation to Polish language (translated by Toma Dusheyko)

File Joiner 2.0.5 Changes | Download File Joiner

IgorWare Hasher 1.4.4

February 22, 2012
IgorWare Hasher

Fixed: while searching for verification hash in multihash file, if the first file wasn't a match, hasher would immediately set error message in status field, although verification value was still loaded if found later.

Improvement: verification file loader will from now on search for both "filename.sfv" and "filename.ext.sfv" (same goes for *.md5 and *sha verification files)...

IgorWare Hasher 1.4.4 Changes | Download IgorWare Hasher

File Joiner

File Joiner 2.0.4 - added French translation by André Di via

File Joiner 2.0.4 Changes | Download File Joiner