File Joiner 2.4.4

February 11, 2020
File Joiner

File Joiner v2.4.4 added Español venezolano (Spanish, Venezuela) translation by Ricardo A. Rivas

IgorWare Hasher 1.7.3

February 8, 2020
IgorWare Hasher

IgorWare Hasher 1.7.3 fixed file size was not correctly displayed (copy function) for files larger than 4GB.

IgorWare Hasher 1.7.2

January 1, 2020
IgorWare Hasher

IgorWare Hasher 1.7.2 increased char limit for text box and changes status message when calculation is done.

NoFollow 5.0.0

April 23, 2019

NoFollow v5.0.0 comes with new features like outlining "dofollow" and external links. Default outline styles have been updated. Minimum browser requirements have changed.