November 26, 2012
IgorWare Hasher

New features in IgorWare Hasher 1.5.0 are update checker and new option to include file path on copy command.

Update Checker

Update checker is turned on by default so if you don't want this functionality there is an option to turn it of (uncheck "Check for updates on start").
If you have a firewall, you will have to set it up to let IgorWare Hasher check for latest version over your internet connection. Of course no need to set it up if you are not interested in this functionality.

Update checker can check for new versions automatically on every start of IgorWare Hasher or manually via Help > Check for updates menu.

IgorWare hasher Update Notification
IgorWare hasher Update Notification

Once the new version becomes available you will be notified.

Include file path on copy

This option will add one more line to the clipboard contents, so the new output will look like this:

Name:	hasher.exe
Path:	X:\test\path\hasher
Date:	26.11.2012
Size:	103 KB (105,984 bytes)
SHA-1:	df76fac25a8b47898a7f8f087cae1bc609780818
MD5:	29b459b02c35da4be777f40abd0d73ee
CRC32:	0572b2ee

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