NoFollow Simple - Browser Extension

This browser extension will outline all no-followed links (links marked with rel="nofollow") on webpages. Extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Browser Support


  • outlines nofollow links (rel="nofollow") on web pages
  • very lightweight on resources
NoFollow Simple Screenshot
NoFollow Simple Screenshot


NoFollow Simple

Extension "NoFollow Simple" will outline all nofollow links on webpages, outline is visible in the form of red dashed lines around anchor text. Like its name says, this extension is a simpler version of my other NoFollow extension which has more advanced features and is more configurable.

If you've already installed the extension and don't know how it works, you can go to the NoFollow Test page that will show you the basics.


Opera Notes

Extension is available only for old Opera v12, for new Opera please use my NoFollow extension.

Safari Notes

You need to have at least Safari v5.1 for this extension to work.