February 7, 2017


I'm announcing the end of support for all of my Safari extensions until further notice. I will still keep all of the extensions available for download, if it works for you - it works, but there will be no updates (no fixes and no new features).


Last year Apple announced that they will merge all developer programs into just one developer program which will be used for all their products. The problem is that Apple also made Safari extensions part of that program. That means the people who make Safari extensions must now pay an annual $99 fee.

As you all know, all of my extensions are free (at least so far), and it doesn't make sense for me to pay $100 each year to be able to maintain my free extensions. Most people would probably feel it doesn't make sense to do it at all, let alone to pay to do it, lol.


If and when Apple decides to return free licence for Safari extension developers I will probably update my extensions. Until then, goodbye Safari, goodbye Apple.