About IgorWare

I am Igor Jerosimić by day, programmer by night, fighting bugs all night long.
IgorWare.com is my hobby website, a lot of my free time is dedicated to maintaining utilities and extensions listed here on the website. Most of them were created for my personal use, but later got sculpted by user requests. I apologize for not being able to fulfill all your requests, but there just isn't enough time in the day to do everything. :-)
I hope you may find some of my utilities useful!

I'm the only one running this entire website, developing and maintaining all extensions and applications, there is no development team, and no marketing team (so stop sending offers to marketing team).

Where Does the Name Come From?

IgorWare is a combination of my name (Igor) and word Software.


All applications are created for Windows, using straight Win32 API so they don't need any additional libraries. All apps are portable so there is no installation, just unrar/unzip them on your hard drive and run. To uninstall just delete it from your hard drive. You can find links to all my applications in the Software menu item from the top navigation.

I primarily build 64-bit applications because I use 64-bit operating systems on both desktop and laptop. While most of my apps also have their 32-bit counterparts, Small Player which is built with assembler, doesn't have a 32-bit version. A lot of people have asked for 32-bit Small Player, but that is not as easy as with C++ compiler, it would require me to rewrite 99% of my code so that will not happen. :-)

NOTE: All of my applications listed here on the website are completely free for private and commercial use. You will not be bothered with malware or adware of any kind while using my applications.

Distributing IgorWare Applications

If you own a software download website or you would like to submit any of my programs to such a website, click on PAD files to find link for all of my programs.

Browser Extensions

You may have also noticed that apart from creating software utilities I also developed some browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Starting from year 2010 I created a total of nine browser extensions, most of them for at least three out of four browsers (total of 27 extensions). I primarily use Chrome so extensions for Chrome always get most work and trials done on them, extensions for other browsers just keep up with extensions for Chrome.
Over the years I stopped developing some of the extensions, not that I wanted to, but 3rd party factors made me do so. For example, Safari is out of the picture now due to Apple requesting yearly payments.

Online Tools

Various online tools I needed at some time so I created a web app for them.


If you want to support my work you can buy me a beer.


If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me, please contact me.