IgorWare Hasher Change Log


  • fix: file size was not correctly displayed (copy function) for files larger than 4GB


  • improvement: increased char limit for text box
  • change: status message "Done!" changed to "Calculation done!"


  • fix: window position was not being restored properly in situations where Windows taskbar has top or left position


  • new: support for Windows shutdown manager - blocks shutdown if hash operation is in progress
  • new: added high DPI awareness
  • improvement: higher resolution icon added, unfortunately this adds quite a lot to the app size (almost doubled)


  • improvement: Hasher now automatically removes invalid characters from verification hashes


  • change: auto update checker will use new thread so it doesn't block app startup


  • new: update checker
  • new: option to include file path on copy command


  • improvement: verification files loader will now search for "filename.ext.sfv", "filename.ext.md5", and "filename.ext.sha"
  • fix: when searching for verification hash in multihash file, hasher would set display error message even when matching filename was found


  • fix: hasher wasn't properly detecting extension separator (dot) when saving hash values for files with multiple dots in file name (file.name.ext)


  • fix: auto clipboard loader wasn't working


  • fix: removed function that required at least Windows Vista for IgorWare hasher to run


  • new: option to automatically fetch verification hash value from clipboard on file load
  • new: option to clear invalid verification values before hash calculation
  • new: option to remember window position
  • new: added file size and last changed date to clipboard data (copy button)
  • new: UTF-8 text coding (this will be the default encoding from now on)
  • fix: spelling


  • new: option to reload verification files before hash calculation
  • fix: status text color wasn't always changed back to black color
  • improvement: verification files will now be parsed even if file contains multiple hash values


  • new: option to automatically calculate hash when you drag and drop file on hasher
  • new: option to automatically calculate hash for file in command line
  • new: command line switches
    - c = calculate hash; to define algorithm use switches c for crc32, m for md5 and s for sha1 inside brackets []
    - s = save files after calculation
    - x = exit after calculation
    - sample: hasher.exe -c[cms]sx "c:\file.txt"


  • improvement: speed increase with parallel calculation
  • new: ability to stop calculating hash values, "Calculate" button becomes "Stop"
  • new: copy button, you can copy hash information to clipboard
  • new: you can now clear all fields by pressing escape
  • improvement: status is now separated for file and text, to avoid confusion when switching between tabs
  • improvement: program will now re-compare hash values even if you enter verification hash values after program has already calculated resulting hash
  • fixed: red text markings on resulting hash values stayed on when switching between tabs


  • improvement: users can create verification files
  • improvement: option to show hash values in upper or lower case
  • improvement: users can manually select files with hash value (*.sha, *.md5 and *.sfv) for verification
  • improvement: users can manually enter hash values for verification
  • fixed: state of checkbox for SHA-1 hash was not saved
  • fixed: progress bar for large (4GB+) files
  • fixed: drag&drop will not accept folders as path anymore


  • first public release