File Joiner Change Log


  • new: added Turkish (Türkçe) translation by Cahit ATAMAN


  • new: added Español venezolano (Spanish, Venezuela) translation by Ricardo A. Rivas


  • fix: fixed an issue with file sizes in 32bit File Joiner on 64bit operating systems


  • new: added Finnish (Suomi) translation by Sami Kuusisto (


  • new: added Burmese (မြန်မာစာ) translation by Thura Aung (
  • new: added Bulgarian (Български) translation by Stoian Bahchevanski


  • new: added high DPI awareness
  • improvement: higher resolution icon added


  • new: added Dutch (Netherlands) translation by Joy
  • fix: window position was not being restored properly in situations where Windows taskbar has top or left position


  • new: added Portuguese (Brasil) translation by ashramkun


  • update: updated Chinese Traditional (正體中文) translation by 風逸蘭


  • new: added Filipino translation by Poppo


  • new: added Danish translation by Christian Krogh


  • update: updated Russian translation


  • new: added Italian translation by Luigi Giuseppe Zanotti


  • new: added Korean translation by 4Li


  • new: support for Windows shutdown manager - blocks shutdown if join operation is in progress
  • new: added Portuguese language, translated by Trindade71


  • fix: "append to first file in list" would fail if first file was larger than 4GB


  • new: added Czech language, translated by Matěj Pavera


  • change: about window changed to show current language translator name
  • new: added Romanian translation by Jaff (Oprea Nicolae)


  • fix: File Joiner wasn't saving language selection in case of Russian and Swedish languages


  • update: Swedish translation updated
  • update: Japanese translation updated
  • fix: file size display


  • new: file list context menu with new functionality: "Open file location", "Import list" and "Export list"
  • new: import and export accept only absolute file paths and file has to be encoded in UTF8 without BOM
  • new: update checker
  • new: German (Switzerland) translation (by Andreas)
  • fix: Serbian and Croatian translation are updated for new version
  • fix: if file isn't accessible file size is now shown as 0B, before it was -1MB


  • new: added Greek translation (by


  • new: added Japanese translation (by h014)


  • new: added Chinese Traditional translation (by ss4300)
  • new: added Hungarian translation (by Mezzoli)


  • change: improved operating system language detection
  • new: added Spanish translation (by Darío Herenú)


  • fix: crash when you click on "Remove" button while the file list is empty


  • new: translation to Simplified Chinese language


  • change: from now on I will not use exe compression due to Avast triggering a false positive


  • new: Arabic translation (by Majed Alotaibi)


  • new: added translation to Polish language (translated by Toma Dusheyko)


  • new: added French translation (by André Di via)


  • new: added Swedish translation (by Åke Engelbrektson)
  • new: added Croatian translation


  • new: Russian translation by Valerij Romanovskij


  • fix: crash issue with file auto loader


  • change: majority of options are now inside settings dialog instead of options menu
  • new: translation implemented (I count on you to help me with translating)
  • new: option to test for file size consistency and missing parts on file load
  • new: option to remember window position
  • fix: fixed small memory leak introduced in previous version (occured when selecting default output folder)


  • new: option to select default output folder
  • change: "auto output file path generator" works a bit differently now


  • new: option to test for file size consistency; usually all except the last part have exactly the same file sizes
  • new: option to test if any parts are missing; if you have part .001 and .003, file joiner will report that you are missing part 2
  • change: shortcut for placing file joiner window on top is changed from T to Ctrl + T
  • new: menu items can now be accessed with Alt+(corresponding mnemonic), also menu items are now a bit rearranged
  • new: option to switch from number sorting to full path sorting; full path sorting is slower, but it's necessary when not using file joiner for .001/.002/.003 files
  • fix: "number sorting" sometimes added file with 0 at the end of the list


  • new: ability to stop join operation, "Join" button becomes "Stop"
  • changed the position of "Auto Sort" checkbox below "Sort" button; "Add File" and "Add Folder" buttons are now in old position of "Auto Sort" checkbox
  • new: option to delete parts to Recycle Bin instead directly; default state will be to delete to recycle bin
  • new: when you browse for the output file, file name will be pre populated with the name of first file from the list (without its extension)


  • improvement: status will display number of added files (except when you add single file)
  • added: open output folder option
  • added: delete parts when done option


  • fixed: GUI problem when Windows text size was set to other than default (96dpi)


  • improvement: hash options position is changed so it looks a bit better than before and it will be turned off by default (on first start) so I don't scare people off :D


  • fix: root hd folder (for example "c:\") would not be added from Add Folder
  • improvement: faster auto sort and new algorithm for sort
  • improvement: faster loading files
  • fix: wrong file size was displayed for files larger than 4GB


  • added: option to recurse sub-folders from drag&drop and from Add Folder
  • added: Add Folder functionality


  • improvement: a few small speed-wise optimizations


  • fix: adding files from command line didn't work in certain cases


  • added: option to associate app with .001 files, this is not portable because it will write values to registry
  • added: support for adding files through command line
  • added: user prompt what to do when output file already exists


  • added: autoload all parts when user opens or drops file with extension .001 (triggers when list is empty and you open/drop only one file)
  • added: latest Windows 7 feature, progressbar in taskbar button
  • added: open output file when done checkbox
  • fixed: shortcut keys with SHIFT or CTRL key didn't work properly sometimes
  • fixed: output path generator had a small glitch with removing numbers from folder paths


  • added: checkbox "Exit when done"
  • added: CRC32 & MD5 hash calculation


  • fixed: when Windows visual style was not turned on, tooltips were not visible


  • improvement: list tooltips are updated while you move the mouse over the items (before you had to move mouse in and out of listview to see new tooltip)
  • improvement: window is wider now, easier to see file paths
  • removed PNG icon from exe so application is smaller now
  • exe is now packed: 32bit with UPX, 64bit with PESpin


  • fixed: when clicking on remove all, listbox would not redraw itself in Windows XP
  • fixed: memory leak
  • added: progress bar
  • added: thread, so GUI doesn't hang


  • first public release of File Joiner