April 23, 2019
This post will state some of the changes that were made in NoFollow v5.

Outline links without nofollow attribute ("DoFollow" links)

A lot of you have asked that I implement outline for "dofollow" links and finally here it is.

Demo of dofollow link outline with green color
By default "dofollow" links will be outlined with green color

As you can see on the image above, nofollow links are outlined with red color and dofollow links with green, you can of course change the style in extension options. Link can be either one or the other, so there will be no conflict here.

Outline external links

Also by your request I added outlining of external links.

Let me first explain what is considered as an external link, as you already (should) know external links are links that point at any domain other than the domain the link exists on. So if my website links to WikiPedia that would be an external link, but also if my website is on www.igorware.com and I link something on download.igorware.com this would also be an external link. Please see the table below:

Source URL www.igorware.com

External link outline style

A link can at the same time be nofollow/dofollow and external, which means there can be styling collision if you wish to show both of them and use the same CSS properties. By default, nofollow link has red dashed outline, dofollow link has green dashed outline, and external link has blue double solid outline. If for example you have external nofollow link, it will be outlined with red double solid outline.

Shows how are styling collision treated for external links
Shows how are styling collision treated for external links

Default styles

Default styles have been updated because of the newly added options. Old users that have already saved extension options before will not see this change. This is why I added a "D" button (default button) next to each style input so you can easily restore default style value.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum requirement for Chrome has been updated to v39, for Opera to v49, and Firefox is v53 as before.


To see all changes in NoFollow 5.0.0: Changes.