NoFollow - Change Log


v5.1.0 Change Log
  • change: improved the way injected script communicates with background script
  • fix: improved error logging
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v5.0.8 Change Log
  • fix: trying out a fix for race condition which appears only in Firefox
  • change: minimum requirement is Firefox v55
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v5.0.0 Change Log
  • new: added outline for links without nofollow attribute ("DoFollow" links)
  • new: added outline for external links (please read release post if you plan on using this)
  • new: added "D" button next to each style input so you can easily restore default style value
  • new: inject content scripts to already opened browser tabs on extension start, this should improve user experience on extension install and update
  • change: updated minimum requirements to Opera v52
  • change: updated default outline styles (this will be noticed only by new users)
  • change: merged content scripts into one script, should use less resources now
  • change: made sure that extension doesn't try to load itself into pages from web store to avoid "no permission" errors
  • change: improved error logging
  • change: removed Google+ icon and updated Facebook and Twitter icons
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v2.3.6 Change Log
  • updated share links
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