NoFollow - Change Log for Firefox


  • fixed an error on options save


  • fixed visual issues in extension options for high pixel density screens


  • ignore certain errors in logger


  • ignore certain errors in logger
  • added CSP for better security
  • change: updated minimum requirements to Firefox v68


  • fixed issue where extension would not mark links with image nested more than one level deep


  • support for UGC and SPONSORED attribute values (there is no way to visually distinguish it from NOFOLLOW value at this time)
  • replaced facebook and twitter share links on options page


  • fix: trying out a fix for race condition which appears only in Firefox
  • change: minimum requirement is Firefox v55


  • fix: fixed extension popup in private window


  • fix: fixed issue with content script in cases where root document element is still not loaded


  • fix: fixed issue with error logging


  • new: added outline for links without nofollow attribute ("DoFollow" links)
  • new: added outline for external links (please read release post if you plan on using this)
  • new: added "D" button next to each style input so you can easily restore default style value
  • new: inject content scripts to already opened browser tabs on extension start, this should improve user experience on extension install and update (doesn't affect Firefox as much as the other browsers)
  • change: updated default outline styles (this will be noticed only by new users)
  • change: merged content scripts into one script, should use less resources now
  • change: made sure that extension doesn't try to load itself into pages from web store to avoid "no permission" errors
  • change: improved error logging
  • change: removed Google+ icon and updated Facebook and Twitter icons


  • some users keep trying to use extension in old versions of Firefox even though it is clearly stated which version is supported, extension will now check for required functionality before showing popup and options
  • updated styles for options page
  • fixed issue with websites that use history.pustState
  • fixed spacing for edit buttons in website list


  • improved logger script


  • fixed an issue where options page would not work if opened before extension has been initialised


  • improved error logger


  • trying to fix an issue where popup doesn't respond for some people (browser doesn't return background page so trying alternative method)


  • moved storage from localStorage to Storage API - this will resolve a known issue where extension settings would not be saved if you are using Firefox with "do not save history" option
  • added error logger


  • fixed issue where extension wasn't working in latest versions of Firefox


  • initial release - synced with extensions for Chrome and Opera