NoFollow - Change Log for Chrome


  • fixed an error on options save


  • fixed visual issues in extension options for high pixel density screens


  • trying out a fix for errors on Mac OS


  • ignore certain errors in logger


  • ignore certain errors in logger
  • added CSP for better security


  • fixed issue where extension would not mark links with image nested more than one level deep


  • support for UGC and SPONSORED attribute values (there is no way to visually distinguish it from NOFOLLOW value at this time)
  • replaced facebook and twitter share links on options page


  • change: improved the way injected script communicates with background script
  • fix: improved error logging


  • fix: fixed issue with error logging


  • new: added outline for links without nofollow attribute ("DoFollow" links)
  • new: added outline for external links (please read release post if you plan on using this)
  • new: added "D" button next to each style input so you can easily restore default style value
  • new: inject content scripts to already opened browser tabs on extension start, this should improve user experience on extension install and update
  • change: updated minimum requirements to Chrome v39
  • change: updated default outline styles (this will be noticed only by new users)
  • change: merged content scripts into one script, should use less resources now
  • change: made sure that extension doesn't try to load itself into pages from web store to avoid "no permission" errors
  • change: improved error logging
  • change: removed Google+ icon and updated Facebook and Twitter icons


  • updated minimum requirements to Chrome v29
  • updated styles for options page
  • fixed issue with websites that use history.pustState
  • fixed spacing for edit buttons in website list


  • improved logger script


  • fixed an issue where options page would not work if opened before extension has been initialised


  • improved error logger


  • trying to fix an issue where popup doesn't respond for some people (browser doesn't return background page so trying alternative method)


  • moved storage from localStorage to Storage API (big rewrite)
  • added error logger


  • added higher resolution toolbar icons


  • fix: small extension icon wasn't visible in "info panel"


  • new: support for "Teoma" bot (this is included in "Check for alternate robots meta tags" option)
  • improvement: replaced deprecated Chrome APIs and general code cleanup
  • improvement: extension icon behaviour - previously icon would stay disabled until the website is completely loaded, now icon and popup menu should be available immediately
  • improvement: extension icon and popup menu will not be disabled on protected tabs/urls from now on, only the popup menu option "Disable for this website" will be disabled
  • change: minimum required Chrome version is now 26
  • change: removed "Hide Icon" command from popup menu because extension icons cant be hidden in Chrome anymore
  • change: removed "Show icon in address bar", "Show only when extension is enabled on a website", and "Display 'Hide icon'" from options because extension icons cant be hidden in Chrome anymore
  • fix: detection of protected tabs (like chrome://extensions/) where extensions do not have access


  • fixed: default option behaviour
  • updated share links


  • change: NoFollow extensions now requires Chrome v18
  • change: more changes because of new Chrome manifest


  • improvement: more changes for new Chrome manifest v2 requirements


  • new: when Info Box is in minimised state, all info will be shown in tooltip
  • new: Info Box option "Remember minimised state", this option is turned on by default and it will allow extension to remember minimised state of Info Box across all tabs and browser restarts


  • change: "allow" and "block" are replaced with "enabled" and "disabled", hopefully this will be less confusing
  • change: replaced StumbleUpon share button with Google+
  • fix: buttons were misaligned while editing in website exceptions tab


  • change: changed the way popup displays check marks
  • fix: popup menu wasn't well adjusted for use when extension has disabled state set as default
  • fix: gray icon for disabled status was a bit edgy


  • change: enabled extension for offline mode


  • new: outlining of <noindex> HTML tag (don't confuse with meta robots tag)
  • change: options tab redesigned


  • fix: options favicon


  • fix: in some rare cases extension would stop outlining links until you reinstall it; I (still) don't know what was the cause so I had to do internal reorganization and to use different methods, as a result extension is now more robust
  • fix: extension icon disappearing while loading; this is actually a Chrome bug but got fixed because of the previously mentioned use of different methods
  • change: tabs reordered in options
  • general JavaScript optimizations and minor fixes


  • new: info box
  • new: option to check for googlebot, bingbot (msnbot) and slurp meta tags when applying css styles for nofollow and noindex meta tags
  • new: css style for all links on page with noindex meta tag
  • fix: meta tags were not detected properly if for example "NOFOLLOW" wasn't written with small caps


  • new: option to remove "Hide Icon" and "Close" items from popup menu


  • fix: in certain cases exception rule would be marked as undefined


  • new: popup menu option to disable/enable extension for focused website
  • new: popup menu option to hide icon
  • new: popup menu option to temporary disable extension for current browser session


  • Website Exceptions List will from now on accept only domain names, for example:
    You can't enter http and https prefixes, port number and specific pages. This change was made because old system was to complicated for users.
  • improved options


  • changed some icons


  • small HTML changes


  • first public release