April 7, 2013

File Joiner 2.2.0: added German (Switzerland) translation by Andreas. File Joiner now has an automatic update checker and file list context menu. Context menu adds new functionality: "Open file location", "Import list" and "Export list".

Adding this functionality made it necessary to include eight new strings for translation.

Import & Export

Every file path from list is exported in one line. Exporting file list will create a textual file with UTF8 encoding (without BOM), with ".lst" file extension.

Import accept only textual files with UTF8 encoding (without BOM). It expects file paths to be absolute and separated by new line i.e. each file path on one line.

File Joiner 2.2.0 with opened context menu
File Joiner with opened context menu

Open file location

You can probably guess what this function does, it opens folder in which the selected file is located and selectes the file inside Windows Explorer window.

File Joiner 2.2.0: Download.