Small Player 0.8.0 Changes

0.8.0 RC2

August 30, 2010
  • fix: search function in Find window didn't return results if there were any upper case non ANSI characters
  • added: support for ALAC (.m4a) and MusePack (.mpc) formats
  • added: support for ID3 v2.4, Vorbis Comments (FLAC and Ogg formats) and Ape Tags (Ape and MusePack formats) for File Info window
  • improvement: changed the appearance of File Info window, this will also make it easier to add support for other types of TAGs and info
  • fix: File Info window - UTF16 strings from ID3v2 TAGs were not shown properly in previous versions
  • added: support for CUE sheet files (.cue); TEXT default format is assumed to be ANSI, while UTF8 and UTF16 are recognized only when there is a BOM mark at the beginning of a file
    - there are problems with correct positioning for multiple songs in one file if the file is VBR encoded

0.8.0 RC1

June 26, 2010
  • added: button to hide notification window in top-right corner
  • added: you can now rearrange items in playlist by using drag & drop
  • added: option to associate files (except for windows XP)
  • added: option to remove icon from systray
  • added: enqueue functionality (limited to 1000 items for speed reasons)
    - Q = enqueue\dequeue
    - Shift+Q = enqueue to first position
    - Ctrl+Q = enqueue with repeat loop
  • fix: notify window position was covering taskbar when taskbar is on the right side of screen
  • some other minor fixes