Small Player - Change Log

v0.8.0 RC2

  • fix: search function in Find window didn't return results if there were any upper case non ANSI characters
  • added: support for ALAC (.m4a) and MusePack (.mpc) formats
  • added: support for ID3 v2.4, Vorbis Comments (FLAC and Ogg formats) and Ape Tags (Ape and MusePack formats) for File Info window
  • improvement: changed the appearance of File Info window, this will also make it easier to add support for other types of TAGs and info
  • fix: File Info window - UTF16 strings from ID3v2 TAGs were not shown properly in previous versions
  • added: support for CUE sheet files (.cue); TEXT default format is assumed to be ANSI, while UTF8 and UTF16 are recognized only when there is a BOM mark at the beginning of a file
    - there are problems with correct positioning for multiple songs in one file if the file is VBR encoded

v0.8.0 RC1

  • added: button to hide notification window in top-right corner
  • added: you can now rearrange items in playlist by using drag ∧ drop
  • added: option to associate files (except for windows XP)
  • added: option to remove icon from systray
  • added: enqueue functionality (limited to 1000 items for speed reasons)
    - Q = enqueue\dequeue
    - Shift+Q = enqueue to first position
    - Ctrl+Q = enqueue with repeat loop
  • fix: notify window position was covering taskbar when taskbar is on the right side of screen
  • some other minor fixes


  • improvement: mouse scroll over the volume bar will change volume
  • fix: systray menu would not disappear after user clicks outside of the menu
  • improvement: two color text on progress bars
  • fix: space key on keyboard didn't pause correctly
  • added: option to not capture volume keys on keyboard
  • fix: tab order in options
  • other minor fixes


  • fix: automatic song playback when double clicking an audio file in explorer
  • fix: updater would not close small player if option close to system tray was set


  • added: support for ape format


  • fix: updater will be able to update itself from now on (unfortunately everyone with versions prior to this will have to download Small Player manually)
  • fix: updater had a bug where it always showed "There is no new version" message box on startup


  • fix: playlists relative path support
  • fix: m3u playlist without #EXTM3U format descriptor wasn't loaded
  • fix: click on tray icon would not return maximized window to maximized state
  • fix: volume slider wasn't drawn correctly in certain situations
  • fix: pressing play button when playlist is empty would crash player
  • fix: certain windows (settings, about, find) did not react properly in Windows 7 (possibly in other Windows versions as well)
  • improvement: if file/url in playlist does not exist anymore small player will paint it "red" and skip it (before it would just stop playing there) - actually skip doesn't work yet :D
  • added: new option show on top
  • added: preliminary support for online streams/net radio


  • Big version jump because a lot of things have been changed (and fixed), if i don't count changing bass.dll version this is first new version after about 3 years :)
  • converted to x64
  • added support for flac files
  • new app icon in higher resolution -this has increased the size of small player exe by 38KB :(
  • added play/pause/fwd/nxt buttons on main window, for easier mouse controllability
  • added support for unicode (UTF-16) file names
  • added function to check for and download new version over internet
    - added another exe file (updater.exe) to make my life easier :)
  • improvement: screensaver and monitor shutdown disabled when running visualization
  • fix: visualisation restore from fullscreen bug, titlebar would stay hidden before
  • fix: volume slider now visible as fine line when at 0% (and not drawn backwards)
  • added border around main windows visualisation, it doesn't feel empty now
  • added more threads to disable possibility of non respondent program
  • improvement: tooltips in systray can now display more characters
  • fix: fixed some glitches when user rotates spectrum visualisation with keyboard
  • added support for m3u8 (m3u utf8) and utf8 filenames in wpl playlists
  • added: options are now saved on app exit (finally :D)
  • added option to turn of main window visualisation completely
  • added button "O" in file info window so you can open file location in Windows Explorer (with audio file selected)
  • fix: some HID remotes didn't trigger play/pause/forward/backward buttons
  • improvement: back and forward mouse buttons can now be used to play previous/next track


  • bass version 2.4
  • wma support


  • bass version 2.3


  • fixed position & volume slider bug
  • notify window improved
  • file info: added reading ID3 tags
  • playlist loading bug fixed
  • song list aka playlist now shows only filenames not complete path list
  • added OpenGL visualisation
  • added spectrum analyzer


  • fixed left & top dialog resizing bug
  • notify window added
  • file info is almost done
  • playlist loading bug fixed, minor bug still exists
  • volume down key (-) bug fixed
  • systray tooltip shows current song title
  • main window title shows current song title


  • first public release