Small Player Help


Installation is done as for every portable application, you just have to extract downloaded archive into some folder on your hard drive and run "splayer.exe" when you want to start Small Player. For ease of use best thing to do would be to create shortcut to "splayer.exe" on your Desktop, Quick Launch bar or some toolbar for portable applications. If you ever used a portable app of any sort, you will know what to do.

Program is packed in rar archive which can be unpacked by using:


By proceeding to download or install Small Player, you are deemed to agree to be bound by the terms of this License.

Media formats supported

Current media formats supported by Small Player are: flac, ogg, ape, wma, wav, mp1, mp2 and mp3.



Allow multi-instance

Check this option if you want ability to run more than one instance of Small Player

Show notifications

Shows notifications about song that just started playing. Notification dialog can be used to see song name and time, also you can control playback like skip to next song, pause, etc. Notification lasts for couple of seconds if you don't hover mouse above commands.

Minimize to tray

Clicking on window minimize button (_ in top-right corner) will minimize Small Player to system tray instead of taskbar.

Close to tray

Clicking on window close button (x in top-right corner) will just minimize Small Player to system tray instead of closing it.

Use Windows API (Sorting)

Uses Windows API function for playlist sorting, Windows API should be better at sorting non ascii names but it is quite slow. Sort facts for 20000 items in playlist: Windows API sort - 7:40, my sort - 46sec


Sample rate

Audio sample rate


Use system colors

Always load system colors
NOTE: Colors will be changeable in the future


Check for updates on each start

Small Player will check for new versions on each start

Automatically download and install updates

Small Player will automatically download and replace files, if not checked then Small Player shows message if there is a new version and asks if you want to download it

Show history after update

Opens history.txt in your default text editor so you can see what is new.


Will there be a 32bit version?


Why is Small Player so ugly and oversimplified?

The way I use it, 99% of the time Small Player is minimized in systray because I listen to music while working on my computer, so the way it looks is not very important to me. If you expect me to support skins in the future that will NOT happen.


  • enqueue files (exists in Small Player 0.8.0 beta)

Known Issues

  • reading UTF8 strings from ID3v2 tag not supported
  • playlist drawn in visualisation window cant show non ascii characters