IgorWare Hasher Help


Installation is done as for every portable application, extract downloaded archive into folder on your hard drive and when you want to start IgorWare Hasher just run "hasher.exe". IgorWare Hasher is portable, you can run this app even from your floppy disk, CD/DVD-ROM drive, USB flash drive, etc.

Program is packed in rar archive which can be unpacked by using:


By proceeding to download or install IgorWare Hasher, you are deemed to agree to be bound by the terms of this License.

Hash Algorithms

To find out more about hash algorithms you can go to this Wikipedia pages:

Are there any keyboard shortcuts in Hasher?

Key(s) Action
Ctrl + Ttoggle always on top option
Ctrl + Shift + Fenable selection of different text formats (visible on TEXT tab)

Command-Line Arguments

  • c = calculate hash, you can optionally define which algorithm to calculate with switches inside brackets []
    • c = CRC32,
    • m = MD5,
    • s = SHA-1
  • s = save files after calculation,
  • x = exit after calculation

To calculate only SHA-1 algorithm: hasher.exe -c[s] "c:\file.txt"
To calculate all three algorithms, save hash values in files and exit: hasher.exe -c[cms]sx "c:\file.txt"


What does "Save" button do?

Its functionality is to save hash values in verification files compatible with programs like FreeCommander and Total Commander. If you don't wish to save all three hash verification files you can deselect check boxes next to the hash values for which you don't need verification files.
Note: Save button will be active only after you calculate hash value for a file.

What does "Copy" button do?

Copy button will copy selected hash values into clipboard so you can easily paste it in emails, forums, etc.
Copied text will be in this format:
Name:	hasher.exe
Date:	20.11.2011
Size:	101 KB (103,424 bytes)
SHA-1:	47be7687bf13d1716303928339925a872671b615
MD5:	d5bc5b77ae70598c4572107cc6063ec3
CRC32:	b8de62fd