File Joiner Translate

Help make File Joiner available to more users by translating it into your native language. File Joiner uses text files to store strings so to translate you only need a text editor like Notepad or preferably Notepad++. If you're interested in helping translate File Joiner into your native language, and I sure hope you are, then please read this document for instructions.


How to translate File Joiner to another language

  1. download latest version of File Joiner from download page
  2. find your "Culture name" on Language Identifiers and Locales page
  3. go to "lang" folder and rename "#example.txt" to "culture-name-from-previous-step.lng", for example file name for Afrikaans would be "af.lng"
  4. translate all strings in the file :)
  5. send me the translated file via email
     or via email
    so I can include it with File Joiner

Inside the file you will have to fill some basic info like:

  • vers - (should be prefilled) version of File Joiner for which you are writing translation
  • laid - (optional) language "Locale identifier" which you can also find on Language Identifiers and Locales page (you can leave this to me if it's confusing)
  • lang - write your native language name, and in the brackets write your language name in English
  • name - your name or nickname, and optionally in brackets write your email or website
  • date - date of the last update to the translation file


  • don't translate any texts in square brackets: [text]
  • don't translate or remove following strings: "%s", "%d", "\t", "\r", "\n", "Ctrl + T"
  • ampersand "&" char is used to mark keyboard mnemonics (you can remove them if you are not sure what's that about)
  • in [controls] section try your best to keep the width/length of translations the same or shorter than the original English string
  • lng file must use UCS-2 Little Endian encoding, this is already set on #example.txt file so you shouldn't have to change anything if you are working on a copy of that file

Please don't use automated translation tools like Google Translate without reviewing all strings.
Feel free to contact me via contact page if you have any questions.
Thank you for your support,