64bit Checker Help


Installation is done as for every portable application, you just have to extract downloaded archive into some folder on your hard drive and run "64bit-checker.exe" when you want to start 64bit Checker.


By proceeding to download or install 64bit Checker, you are deemed to agree to be bound by the terms of this License.

Operating System information

64bit Checker shows whether your Windows is 64bit or 32bit, operating system name, version, service pack if any is installed, type, installation date and if your processor supports 64bit operating systems.


64bit Checker supports copying report information to clipboard, or you can save it in text or HTML file.

Command-Line Arguments

  • /os = returns basic OS information, errorlevels:
    • 1 = Unknown OS,
    • 2 = Windows 95,
    • 3 = Windows 98,
    • 4 = Windows Me,
    • 5 = Windows NT,
    • 6 = Windows 2000,
    • 7 = Windows XP,
    • 8 = Windows Vista,
    • 9 = Windows 7,
    • 10 = Windows 8
  • /osbit (/ob) = return Operating System bitness, errorlevels:
    • 1 = Unknown,
    • 2 = 32bit (x86),
    • 3 = 64bit (x64),
    • 4 = 64bit (ia64)
  • /cpubit (/cb) = return CPU bitness, errorlevels:
    • 1 = Unknown,
    • 2 = 32bit (x86),
    • 3 = 64bit (x64),
    • 4 = 64bit (ia64)
  • /s = silent, doesn't output any text to console, just returns errorlevel
  • /tXX = shows 64bit Checker and turns it off after XX amount of seconds (2-99)

Example: 64bit-checker.exe -os

Why is 64bit Checker connecting to the internet?

64bit Checker has an automatic update checker since version 1.4, update checker runs on app startup. In case you are not comfortable with 64bit Checker being able to connect to the internet, you can block it inside you firewall, it will not affect 64bit Checker application in any way except it will not be able to check for latest version.

What is the difference between 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows?

The 64bit version of Windows handles large amounts of random access memory (RAM) more effectively than a 32bit system. Most apparent difference is when you have a large amount (4 GB or more) of memory installed on your computer because most 32bit Windows are not able to use more than 4GB of memory.
Also, all hardware devices need 64bit drivers to work on a 64bit version of Windows. Drivers designed for 32bit Windows don't work on computers running 64bit Windows.