Block Yourself from Analytics - Help


To install the extension just go to the download page, select your browser from the list and install extension from browser's extension store. Your browser will inform you when extension is installed.


Website List

List of web sites where Analytics will be blocked. Website List accepts domain names:

  • or (NOTE: you will not block analytics on if you enter
  • '*' wildcard, example: * will block analytics from and all its subdomains


Display "Close" button in the popup menu

Enables "Close" button in the extension's popup menu.

Show currently opened websites as a suggestion below URL textbox

Shows all websites that you currently have opened in your browser as suggestions bellow URL textbox for websites list.


Use this to restore your settings and website list from a backup or import from another browser.


Use this to export your settings and website list for a backup or import to another browser.

How to use Block Yourself from Analytics extension?

  1. Open extension options (left click on the extension button in the browser toolbar, select options)
  2. Fill website list with all your websites for which you wish to block Google Analytics™ script
  3. Don't forget to click Save, and you are done