Image Size Info - Chrome Extension

Chrome extension that lets you view image width, height and file size. Unlike some other extensions this one has quick response and does not open popup windows.


  • shows original image width and height
  • shows displayed (visible) image width and height
  • shows image file size (not supported for Data URIs)
  • inserts option in Chrome's image context menu
Image Size Info screenshot
Image Size Info screenshot (click on picture to see more)


Image Size Info Inserts option "Image Size Info" in image context menu, when activated shows an nonintrusive in-page popup with image file path, original and visible image width, height and new feature: file size.

NOTE: Requires at least Chrome v18.



If you wish for extension to work on "file:///" URLs you will need to allow extension access by checking "Allow access to file URLs" in Extension Manager.

This is not necessary for normal http:// URLs.

Image Size Info enable file URLs