NoFollow - Browser Extension

NoFollow extension outlines nofollowed links which are marked with rel='nofollow' and links on pages with nofollow robots meta tag.


  • outlines nofollow links and optionaly all links on pages with nofollow and noindex robot meta tags on web pages
  • outlines <noindex> HTML tags (used by Russian search engines Yandex and Rambler)
  • set your own CSS styles for outlining nofollow links (separate css styles for nofollow links and for link on pages with nofollow meta tag)
  • ability to disable or enable extension for custom websites
  • info box (shows nofollow, noindex meta tags for robots, googlebot, slurp, bingbot, msnbot, and teoma)
NoFollow screenshot
NoFollow screenshot (click on picture to see more)



Outlines links with rel="nofollow" and links on pages with nofollow and noindex robots meta tag.

NOTE: When entering websites in exceptions list, you need to enter only domain name (like this:, don't use prefix http(s) and page names.


Safari Notes

You need to have at least Safari v5.1 for this extension to work.

If you are using CCleaner (on Mac OS) you will need to turn off option to clean cookies because this tool will erase all extension settings.