IgorWare Hasher 1.7.0

June 21, 2015
IgorWare Hasher

In IgorWare Hasher 1.7.0 I added high DPI awareness so from now on Hasher will look good even if you are using one of the fancy 4k displays. Main app icon also got bigger resolution image to accommodate new Windows operating systems.


File Joiner 2.3.8

January 29, 2015
File Joiner

In latest File Joiner v2.3.8 there is a new translation for Dutch (Netherlands) language, translated by Joy.
There is also a bug fix, window position was not being restored properly in situations where Windows taskbar has top or left position.

File Joiner 2.3.7

August 23, 2014
File Joiner

File Joiner 2.3.7: added Portuguese (Brasil) translation by ashramkun.

File Joiner 2.3.6

January 23, 2014
File Joiner

File Joiner 2.3.6: updated Chinese Traditional (正體中文) translation by 風逸蘭.

64bit Checker Released 64bit Checker 1.4.3. Fixed detection of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 that were broken because of Microsoft's API change.